Oh So many songs, So many genres, So many requests. All curled up in one mixtape and I’m sure the songs never intended to do so.

Image curtesy of Mick Haupt on https://unsplash.com/@rocinante_11

Artist Title Start Time
The Beatles A Day in the Life (snip) 00:00
Matrix Snip Morpheus and the Truth to See 00:28
Imogen Heap Hide and Seek 01:11
Imogen Heap Hide & Seek (Roksonix Dubstep Remix) 04:03
The Weeknd, Rosalia Blinding Lights (Remix) 06:20
Nicky Romero Toulouse (2020 edit) 09:50
Martin Roth Beatiful Life (original mix) 11:22
Falco America 14:35
New Order Confusion (Rave Theme) (snip) 17:35
Viper Diva Born To Be Slytherin (Tbilisi mix) 17:50
Quirin Amber Junior, Fred Strittmahcer, Rositta Amper Wer hat an der Uhr gedreht (Ende) 20:30
Scooter, Rundfunkorchester Ehrenfeld FCK 2020 21:25
NEFFEX Fight Back 23:37
Moses Pelham Für die Ewigkeit 26:47
Ibrahim Maalouf Radio Magellanes 31:14
Piano Snip In The End (piano notes) 40:15
Linkin Park In The End 40:48
Böhse Onkelz Flügel Für Dich 43:50
Martin Böttcher Old-Shatterhand Melodie (Genuine Drumming mix) 48:10
Martin Böttcher Old Shatterhand-Melodie (“Der Schatz IM Silbersee”) (snip) 48:49
Kila Mébh’s Tune 51:16
U.S. Girls Island Song 53:53
PP หรูเหอ (如何 Skyline Ost. แปลรักฉันด้วยใจเธอ) 57:51
Robert Miles , Tinlicker Children (extended mix) 1:01:14
Nox Vahn, Marsh Come Together (extended mix) (snip) 1:02:13
Matthew Dekay The Four Agreements (Martin Roth beats edit) 1:03:45
Johannes Oerding An Guten Tagen 1:08:39
Acid Pauli, Nancy IBang (Original Mix) 1:11:47
Emmanuel Top Turkish Bazar 1:13:30
Axel Fischer Amsterdam 1:15:20
Marsh Healer (extended mix) 1:19:14
Nox Vahn, Marsh Come Together (extended mix) (reprise) 1:21:57
Refused Rather Be Dead 1:28:45
Rush Tom Sawyer (Z-Trip Remix) 1:31:44
Telepathic Teddy Bear Where Is My Mind 1:34:30
Pretty Lights Finally Moving (Original Mix) 1:37:14
John Monkman, Liz Cass Open Frontier (Original Mix) 1:41:54
Balthazar Halfway 1:45:50
Sister Sledge Lost in Music (DJ Blackstone Remix) 1:48:29
Sister Sledge Lost in Music (Original Club Mix) 1:49:12
Doctor Rockit Café De Flore 1:53:00
The Benchmen Don’t Worry Be Happy 1:55:00
Ben Böhmer Little Lights (original mix) 1:58:30
Way of the Samurai Snip Samurai Code Quote #6 2:01:18